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Beer Wall

15th July 5:08pm - 31st August 12:00am

Here are three hard facts to get you in the mood to quench your thirst on our beer wall with a brilliant selection of craft beers to choose from which would you pick first?

  1. Beer is the third most popular drink in the world – right after water and tea!
  2. A beer wave of 1.4 million litres flooded London in 1814 when a huge vat reputed.
  3. 3) Finland have a wife carrying championship, the first prize is the wife weight in beer.

The return of the urn - The Ashes

13th August 12:00am - 16th September 12:00am

Smart interiors, free-flowing booze, tasty food, lively atmosphere and a central location and The Ashes on TV.

​​With the first of The Ashes test matches having taken place and you’re hooked, but you missed out of those sought after tickets don’t worry, theres no need to miss out.

If you want to make an event of it and not take your eye of the ball.. or bat for that matter, our events team have you covered. With private spaces for screenings of any size, let us take care of your every whim.

Alternatively if you only have a lunch time free we have TV’s in the pub grab a pint or two and join us as we screen the matches.